Green Metals, Inc, Annouces New Facility in Liberty

June 10, 2024

Press Release: June 10, 2024

Contact: Kevin Franklin –, 336-686-2134


Green Metals, Inc. Announces New Facility in Liberty

Liberty, NC – Green Metals, Inc. (GMI), has announced plans to build a facility for electric vehicle battery waste handling and recycling. The operation will support Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina (TBMNC) in Liberty and will be located on the TBMNC campus. GMI will process dry battery material for offsite recycling, as well as handle and store other waste streams from TBMNC, including cardboard, plastic, and general waste, which will be compacted at the facility and sent offsite for recycling.

GMI’s projected capital investment over five years will total $19.8 million including both real property and machinery and equipment. The company will create 47 new jobs over that same five-year period. The company’s competitive wages and benefits package will offer an attractive option for job seekers.

Established in 1999, GMI is a Toyota Tsusho group company which provides customized industrial scrap/waste handling and recycling solutions; the company currently operates eight locations in the US.  GMI’s detailed analysis of individual scrap generators enables the company to develop and implement tailored scrap recycling programs that ensure customers competitive pricing, prompt service, and maximum environmental protection.

“We join with our EDC team in welcoming another Toyota Tsusho project to Randolph County. Green Metals, Inc. will bring an important service to Toyota Battery in the form of a waste handling and recycling facility. The investment of almost twenty million dollars, bringing another 47 jobs to the area, will boost our economy and employment opportunities for our citizens,” said Darrell Frye, Chairman of the Randolph County Board of Commissioners. “This growth of the Megasite is made possible through the continued cooperation with Toyota, our EDC team, and our Randolph County staff. We welcome GMI and offer our assistance in any way needed.”

GMI will receive training support from the North Carolina Community College System which will be administered locally by Randolph Community College. The company has received additional support from the State in the form of a $60,000 Recycling Business Development Grant awarded by the NC Department of Environmental Quality. The grant will assist with the purchase of recycling equipment.

“At Green Metals, we are excited to bring our expertise in recycling and waste handling to North Carolina in support of the growing automotive battery industry,” said Dave Eisenacher, President, Green Metals, Inc. “We are grateful for the community’s support of this project, and we look forward to our future here in Randolph County.”

“We are excited to welcome GMI to our community,” stated Randolph County EDC president Kevin Franklin. “GMI will play a critical role in the EV battery ecosystem by ensuring safe and advanced waste processing, helping the company achieve its goal of ‘battery to battery recycling’ which benefits all of us.”

Support from the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, the North Carolina Community College System, Randolph Community College, and NCDEQ has been vital to FTBC’s announced investment and job creation.

The Randolph County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that works with industrial clients in the county. The EDC’s mission is to support a growing healthy economy so that local residents have diverse quality job opportunities through the attraction of new businesses to the area and the retention and expansion of existing business and industry. The EDC is a proud partner of the NC Carolina Core.