NC Microenterprise Loan Program

The NC Microenterprise Loan Program works with individuals who have sound ideas for starting or expanding a small business but may not qualify for bank loans. The program has three components: 1) Standard loans, which are available in amounts up to $25,000; 2) Express loans, which are capped at $5,000. Loan decisions can be made within five business days; and 3) Green loans, which are designed to encourage entrepreneurs to adopt environmentally sustainable business practices. The limit for these loans is $25,000, and total project cost cannot exceed $50,000. Qualified applicants may be eligible for a reduced interest rate. All loans are offered in combination with business planning and technical assistance. Special emphasis is given to serving rural, low-income, female and minority borrowers.

The NC Microenterprise Loan Fund is administered by the NC Rural Center ( For additional information, visit a local lender or contact Barry Ryan at either 919-250-4314 or