Over the past decade, the number of employees in plastics has nearly doubled to over 2,500, catapulting plastics into the second-largest manufacturing sector in Randolph County. Our 20-plus plastics companies make everything from lip balm tubes to cups, medical devices to grill brushes, industrial components to consumer packaging, PET to film. When it comes to plastics, Randolph County has companies that can make it, injection-mold it, extrude it, thermoform it, and color it. Then, when plastic products reach the end of their useful life, our recycling companies can process and repurpose it to help keep plastic out of landfills and waterways. Highly-skilled employees, advanced technology, and adept management have helped drive growth in Randolph County’s plastics sector.  Our plastics companies have ready access to world-class technical assistance through the state-funded Polymers Center of Excellence based in Charlotte, and employee training is available through the Customized Industrial Training program housed at Randolph Community College. Among our many plastics companies, Randolph County is home to the headquarters of Technimark, a global leader in the industry and one of the County’s largest employers.