A strong educational foundation coupled with ongoing training keeps your workforce moving forward --- that's why Randolph County offers so many opportunities for you to tap into qualified talent and continually develop your teams. Our excellent community college and school systems (one named Top 10 in the state!) are a tremendous asset for cultivating the next-generation Randolph County workforce.

College and Universities

We’re taking a proactive approach to ensure that today’s youth are ready to help build the industries of tomorrow — and that they can find outstanding opportunities right here at home. Learn more about our wide range of workforce development programs that are training your workforce as we speak.

When it comes to higher education, Randolph County has a great deal to offer, starting with our outstanding relationship with Randolph Community College, which partners with our businesses to answer their needs, and creates a technically advanced workforce. Signature programs are Photography & Graphic Design, Health Occupations, Automotive, and Machining. Plus, the state of North Carolina makes it possible to access free training for your employees at our community college. It is important to know that you also can directly partner with faculty members from our community colleges for your specific needs. Their doors are open to you to help you solve challenges, find grant funding, create an apprenticeship program, directly train your employees and even develop coursework relevant to your industry so that you can foster the next generation of leaders for your workforce.

Also, within a 50-minute drive, you’ll have access to 12 four-year colleges and universities and 9 community colleges that further fuel your ability to hire a talented workforce. Plus, you’ll benefit from Apprenticeship Randolph and an educational system designed to directly boost the economy by preparing young talent for your workforce.

Learn more about the outstanding colleges and universities close to home:

Exceptional Primary and Secondary Public Education

No matter which schools or district is right for your family or your employees, you'll be able to enjoy the confidence of knowing that you have access to excellent educational opportunities. Randolph County School System have over 16,000 students enrolled in 17 elementary, 7 middle schools and 7 high  schools. Asheboro City Schools have over 4,500 students enrolled in 5 elementary, 2 middle schools and 1 high school. There are 57 Private schools located within a 30-mile radius.

Randolph County High school students have two innovative choices including Early College High School located at Randolph Community College to earn a high school diploma and obtain a two-year degree. Asheboro High School offers one of the only Zoo Schools in the nation with a campus located at the NC Zoological Park with all core classwork on the 1500 acre zoo site.

Uwharrie Charter Schools has 1,700 students enrolled. The newly constructed middle school has grades 5-8 , high school 9-12 and the elementary K-4.