State Tax Credits

Recycling Tax Credits

Tax credits are available to manufacturing industries for machinery, equipment, and facilities used exclusively for recycling, resource recovery, and abatement of hazardous waste. Credits provide for property tax abatement, accelerated amortization, and reduction of franchise tax. Companies must be certified to claim credits by the NC Department of Environmental Quality's Division of Waste Management. For additional information, visit the program webpage.

Historic Property Tax Credits

Tax credits are available to help with the cost of rehabilitating certified historic structures for income-producing use. Certified projects with qualified expenditures of up to $10 million are eligible for 15% tax credit while projects with qualified expenditures between $10 and $20 million are eligible for another 10% credit. If the certified structure is located in development Tier 1 or 2 counties (Randolph is Tier 2), qualified expenditures are eligible for an additional 5% credit.

For additional information, contact Tim Simmons, Rehabilitation Tax Credit Coordinator at either or 919-807-6585.