About Our Workforce

  • Robert Moffet
  • Knowing that we make a product that helps other people that's what makes me feel special.

    Robert Moffett, Sewing Machine Technician
    Elastic Therapy Inc. - Asheboro, NC
  • Carl Jones
  • Before coming here, I never knew what it took to put a chair together much less one that on an airplane. 

    Carl Jones, CNC Machinist
    D & D Enterprises - Randleman, NC
  • William Spencer
  • We're growing very quickly. A year ago we had just a couple of lines running. Now this room is full of presses that run on a daily basis. 

    William Spencer, Project Engineer
    EG Industries - Asheboro, NC
  • Josh Summery
  • The first day I walked in here, Jorge shook my hand said, 'Welcome to the family.' That meant something to me. 

    Josh Summery, Upholsterer
    Trinity Furniture Incorporated - Trinity, NC
  • Shatara Ross
  • You get to learn different things. You don't stay put in one spot. You don't do the same thing over and over. You don't get bored with it. 

    Shatara Ross, Team Member
    EG Industries - Asheboro, NC
  • Eleazar Aguilar
  • You get challenged everyday with different stuff. This is an important position. It makes you feel important too. 

    Eleazar Aquilar, Quality Technician
    D & D Enterprises, Randleman, NC
  • Bobby Berry
  • I love machining - making parts out of a piece of steel or a chunk of aluminum. You can see what you've done. 

    Bobby Berry, Machinist
    D & D Enterprises - Randleman, NC
  • Blake Hinshaw
  • It's pretty cool that we can ship to Russia, Japan, China, all over the world, and even here in the U.S.

    Blake Hinshaw, Shipping & Receiving
    Elastic Therapy Inc. - Asheboro, NC
  • Brian Brown
  • It's labor intensive making a bronze from start to finish. Learning about that has been the most surprising to me.

    Brian Brown, Shell Room Supervisor/Foundry Technician
    Carolina Bronze Sculpture - Seagrove, NC

Photography courtesy of Tim Coffey