Expansion doubles size of Ferree Trailers in Liberty

By: Courier-Tribune-Terrence Jefferies tjefferies@courier-tribune.com

May 15, 2019

Expansion doubles size of Ferree Trailers in Liberty

LIBERTY — Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony in honor of its 52,000-square-foot facility and building expansion at Ferree Trailers in Liberty Tuesday.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming and welcome you to our ribbon cutting ceremony for this new facility,” Talbert President Andrew Tanner said during opening remarks.

“When we purchased this facility back in 2014, we had about 18 employees. We’re up a little over 40 now,” he said.

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. acquired Ferree Trailers in 2014. The expansion doubled the size of the facility.

The company, based in Rensselaer, Ind., specializes in building world-class equipment trailers, and has been serving the transportation industry since 1938.

Russell Stern, co-owner of Talbert Manufacturing, and various local officials were in attendance at the event.

“It is a real pleasure to be here today,” Stern said during the ceremony.

“This was a business that my father (Harry J. Stern) wanted to make successful ... and one where he wanted to create an environment where people can work.

“It’s exciting to see, (we) looking forward to filling it up.”

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. currently offers employment in the areas of welding, painting and assembly, and is now hiring locally.

“We will be at 60 jobs by the end of the year,” Tanner said. “We’re looking forward to continuing to grow.”