Carolina Bronze receives $10,000 grant

July 6, 2015

SEAGROVE — Carolina Bronze Sculpture, North Carolina’s only commercial fine art bronze casting foundry, has received an Incumbent Workforce Development Grant for $10,000.

This grant was offered through the Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board. It funded three days of training on no-bake sand molding equipment. The American Foundry Society came to Carolina Bronze’s facility in Seagrove to offer the training on June 24-26.

Marketing Director Melissa Walker, in a press release, said Carolina Bronze is dedicated to providing the highest quality castings possible.

“This training has given nine of our staff a higher level of knowledge about sand molding and core-making processes used in established foundries. The course provided a detailed level of information about various types of sand and binders, their handling and usage, and how they work together,” she said.

The course also provided an opportunity for hands-on practice using sand equipment and gives participants time to walk through the decision-making process for evaluating quality assurance issues related to sand and raw materials, equipment and binders.

“Getting this grant was a great opportunity that helped us bring in experts in the casting process. Our employees learned a great deal that they will be putting to good use soon,” she added.

Carolina Bronze is a corporate member of the American Foundry Society, a nonprofit association serving members of the metal casting supply chain in the United States and abroad.

The premier East Coast fine arts foundry, it serves artists, architects, museums and nonprofits throughout the United States and abroad. The company specializes in bronze casting and fabrication, using both traditional techniques and in-house, state-of-the-art digital tools which include high-resolution 3D scanning and enlarging, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and animation tools, and reverse engineering CAD.

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